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Richard Bettison, founder of people-space, has a passion for life, design, art and all things creative. Richard has been able to fine-tune residential design beliefs into three key areas:

- Integration of internal and external spaces
- Artistic and creative solutions to design
- Ergonomic flow to create workable/livable solutions.



From the initial design concepts through to actually living through the renovation, remodelling and construction phases, he understands the challenges you'll be going through. He's 'been there, and done that' too.

During his design career, Richard has personally renovated over 35 houses and as well as working alongside his professional clients on their projects, Richard has another five personal house renovation projects under his belt.

He has also worked on many renovations physically with his clients. This personal experience has created a strong understanding, coupled with a lot of practical knowledge.

Richard has qualifications in design, horticulture and visual display and brings his clients creative flair, a natural ability in colour, balance and style – which combine to deliver inspirational design outcomes.

He prides himself on not having a recognisable style – rather focusing on listening to extract the personal creative energy of our clients… and creating a finished result that represents them.


Although many of Richard's designs have won awards, this is not what he sets out to do. He designs best for clients who wish to work as part of a team to create the best finished result for their lifestyle.

Richard strongly encourages you to play an active role, so that all your needs (and reasoning behind your thoughts and ideas) are fully understood. This enables him to fully connect with his clients to provide a strong professional relationship built on trust, and to focus on creating a personal and remarkable concept design solution unique to each client.

The perfect client

“People who are looking for a company that specializes in what they do best, who wish to be part of the team, want to have their ideas heard and incorporated into the solution (and feel included), are happy to provide the necessary information to begin the process, and to see the subsequent steps through to project completion.

Clients that appreciate the value of clever, individual, and artistic design are particularly suited to be part of the relaxed and professional service provided.”