case study: 'On Huet' title


  • To increase interior and exterior floor areas
  • To integrate interior/exterior living spaces and flow
  • To create a 'story book' journey through the property, starting at the front gate
  • To work around the south facing sloping block. All new additions needed to increase light to all areas and maximize any northern sun.
  • To create a rain forest feel, throughout the property and design a natural swimming pool and entertaining area.

“We needed to create an extension without disturbing the visual centre of the home. We wanted the architectural rhythm of the home and exterior areas to team together to create an amazing visual perspective which would change throughout the property and be enjoyed from anywhere in the home”

When finally arriving at the end of the journey through the property, the pool area is surrounded by a multy coloured garden of space and dimension where palms, yuccas, natives, climbers and fragrant plants are responsible for the special microclimate of this tranquil space. The end results being an artistic environment, which feels much cooler than the other outside areas, during the summer. 



Featured in Lifestyle Pools:

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SPASA Awards:

For the front water feature: National 'Creative' Award 2005, and the Queensland Gold 'Residential water feature'.

SPASA National awardSPASA gold award

For the pool: The National Award winner, and the Queensland Gold Award for 'Residential concrete pools – freeform or natural up to $50,000'.

SPASA National awardSPASA gold award