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An area often over looked in both new and existing homes – the art of imaginative design in outside spaces is like the frame that surrounds a masterpiece.

Great exterior design brings together outdoor elements using them to bridge the gap that often negates the simple beauty of outdoor/indoor connection.

We are not about planting plans or landscape implementation. Our area of expertise is in the creation of conceptual designs to ensure ergonomic flow between spaces, the integration between hard and soft surfaces, creation of structures for shade, privacy and entertaining, addition of sculptures and water features to create interest and the clever use of combining new and existing finishes.

We will enrich your home by giving new energy that will not only increase the value in a monetary way, you will find yourself filled with new enthusiasm, enjoy the many lifestyle benefits and get an ego boost when friends and family admire your property's new appearance and feel.

We offer real solutions in the following areas:

  • Exterior colour selection
  • Pool finishes (coping, tiling, interiors and surrounds)
  • Pool areas (gardens, entertaining areas, decks, paving, etc)
  • Front entry/courtyard design
  • Property rejuvenation
  • Total concept designing. 





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Practical, yet artistic, spaces which create 'flow' to and from the interior spaces.