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After 13 years in the swimming pool industry as designers for one of Australia's most awarded companies, we are fully able to understand your needs and wants when adding such a luxury item to your home and lifestyle.

The passion and experience we show for design is just as strong in this area.

It became apparent to us during our time as pool designers, that not everyone could have an individually designed and integrated pool – designed to maximise their property – unless they were able to go with a 'pool builder with a design team'.

It's a large investment, and so important to get it right first time. We offer a service that before you choose your pool builder; you can make sure you have the right pool concept design that works for you, your property and within your budget.

We also help a large number of clients who have already placed a pool ‘shell’ in their property and are now at a loss as to ‘what to do next?’. We will take your existing pool and work with it – creating a 'total concept' that integrates your pool with its surroundings and connecting spaces. View our Gallery of pools.