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people-space is a concept only design company. We make the design process what it should always be – an exciting, easy and fun experience for you. Here are the steps to achieve this.

people-space is a small company, where your project is handled personally from initial contact, the idea generation, through to the presentation of your final conceptual plans.

With an approach that has a strong artistic focus, and the ideas process that transforms the space we are working with you on, means time frames do vary, not only by the scope but it can take time to achieve the perfect solution as we often explore many options.




You contact us

Initial meeting/design brief (on site)

  • Getting to know each other
  • Team work to understand your ideas, wish lists and requirements.
  • Home, pool, or landscape style
  • Interior, exterior flow, thoughts and lifestyle
  • Need/wish lists, budget requirements
  • Determining the availability of existing drawings (survey or architectural plans)
  • Discussion of fees and outlining the scope of professional design services to be undertaken
  • Before we can make a start on the design, the fee proposal and agreement needs to be accepted and e-mailed back to people-space
  • Deposit Invoice sent

Site visit

  • Full measure up & photography of all areas to be designed
  • Designer to familiarize themselves with the site, further discussion with clients if required
  • Sun, wind, views, existing trees/ structures, neighbours, levels & any other items to be considered

Design process

  • Preparation of concept plans, layouts (all drawn to scale)
  • Design sketches on main features, both internal and external if required
  • Thought process continued and further discussion with client

Showcase initial sketches

  • Presentation of concept ideas
  • Clients feedback and input and any modifications required
  • Invoice of work completed

Client feedback

  • Clients to ‘live’ concept as long as required, to make sure the concept represents their needs, wants and dreams
  • Depending on size of project, relevant invoices sent out to client for payment.

Models (optional)

Having a  concept model of your design project makes it easier for you to visualise and understand your project. You can 'feel' your design through a model in a very tactile way.

Types of models which could be supplied:

  • partial model of specific areas
  • complete model of a pool or landscape area
  • fully incorporated model of existing home and future renovation or extension areas
  • multi-residential or commercial application

Finalise design

  • Incorporate any changes and finalize design
  • Construction notes as required (not working drawings)
  • Render plan and copy
  • Hand over completed model

Final concept presentation

  • Discuss and present final plans
  • Final payment for plans made at this time
  • From here plans can be handed to your draftsperson to continue to the next stage.
  • Payment for work completed

Upon completion of this draftsperson stage, you are now ready to present the plans to the council or contractor of you’re choosing to bring it all to life.


Often clients wish to employ people-space for ongoing work. This will be discussed, and can be billed at an hourly rate.