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We are experts in the integration of spaces. We have the ability to design outdoor living spaces – landscapes and pool areas – that flow with the other interior living zones. Achieved not only by thoughtful planning, but also with artistic design and clever use of materials and textures.

This is where we get to use all our abilities on a property. We not only explore the possibilities for great house design, but look to create a 'total flow' – from the first step onto a property. The exterior design links seamlessly into the house, and flows through into the yard with a fully integrated pool area.

It is far more creative to design a house when you can integrate what is happening on the exterior. You have the opportunity of thinking what is happening outside the windows/doors in the garden areas before you even place them into the internal rooms.

Our belief is good design is three dimensional.

Architectural/ecological balance

“This translates into great respect for all ‘spaces’, where water and planting can be integrated and seem to flow through interior living spaces. The projects merge perfectly with their surroundings, as a tribute to nature’s generosity. Architecture and emotion have always joined together, add nature into this and realize the human beings instinct for perfection.”



CASE STUDY 1: 'on Huet...'

on Huet
A major renovation to integrate interior and exterior spaces, with a natural swimming pool and spacious entertaining areas.
CASE STUDY 2: 'on Spence...'

on Spence image
A total rework of the ergonomic flow of this home created additional spaces, as well as a calm home to retreat to.
CASE STUDY 3: 'on Anderson...'

on Anderson
Creative thinking and practical solutions combine to create a tropical hideaway that makes the most of a challenging block.